Sunday, October 31, 2010

Death is not the end...

Time flies real quick. It just seems as if it was yesterday that I went to my school in small pants(the size of my undies now) playfully, my frequent trips to the temple, my playtime, my friends...

When these pangs of nostalgia grip me, the 1st thing that comes to my mind is "my Grandpa". He was always there, right from the day I could recognise people, always, always there.Be it waiting inside the school campus sitting under the tree near the school canteen or taking me to play grounds in the evenings and buying me all the small-small goodies I used to point at. I still vividly remember the times I used to nag him into telling me stories. His stories were my favourite pastime. The amount of patience he used to exhibit every time (I hated a repeat of stories). Now to think of it, those stories in a silent way described to me how the world really works. Mythology, Folklore, Shakespearean... you name it and there the story was. He always had a solution for every problem. Highly Intellectual.

The greatest "Test of Faith" comes when we are away from people whom we love and how often we think of them in our busy daily life and the way their influence changes our lives. Now to think that I cant re-live those moments with him makes me sad; to think that I wont be physically having him around me. Still cannot get over the fact that if at all I want to be with him now, it would be in my memory where he has a booked a special berth for himself for eternity.

I just comfort myself by saying - "Death is not the end, it just the beginning of a whole new kind of journey!".

<3 u