Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gimme a break!

Gimme a break; I pray,
The patterns are disturbing I say,
Haunting me repeatedly,
at me they laugh.
Despite the efforts I take,
Everytime the same pain I endure;
Vowing to make it better ahead I forge.
For once I want to be stable,
This weary feeling is pushing me down,
Wanting to get out of this infinite loop I say,
Gimme a break; I pray!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Another day; another dawn,
Life just has to move on,
I hate seeing you frown,
this sea of sorrow will make you drown,
Wanting to see you jump up and down,
for your last few days left in this town,
give me a chance to be your clown,
I sure will have your sorrows blown.

A 55 Fiction dedication to my best friend!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Am back after a hiatus. I was so regular with my post earlier that a reader actually asked me if I've left blogging after I got my job. That statement pricked me and now am feeling guilty for not paying enough attention to my blog. Well I've been busy with my work no doubt but the real reason of my hiatus was my latest and my most prized possession. My new Nikon D3100 DSLR.

I've always been a great fan of photography and over the years it has grown from an interest to a fad to liking and now more than that. Now what I fear is my interest in photography overshadowing my blog. And hence the guilt, for I just love my blog and I know I have not done justice to it for sometime now. Feels like am cheating with my camera on my blog. Feeling like an infidel!! :P


I've had been wanting to buy a camera for almost 2 years. What kept me so long was that I wanted to buy it out of my OWN money and not anyone else's. I had garnered about 15 thousand rupees over these 2 years thanks to the cultural and literary events that I used to attend in my graduation days that supplied about 1500 INR per month during working days as my steady source of my extra income. I spend half of it on my parties and outings and saved the rest under the banner of camera fund. After completing my graduation I realised that if I keep waiting for money my dream will never be realised and so I bought the camera for 30grands under EMI!! People not that much into photography may find it atrocious that I've got such an expensive camera. But what I want to point out is that everyone does that like buying an iPhone just because of the brand name and not actually knowing how to use it. Getting a Nokia E-series mobile just to look cool and not actually using more than 90% of the applications that are built to be used. Second thing what people ask me is "What is the NEED of such an expensive camera?", and when I reply "Nothing"; they call me a fool. But the thing is that they are so confused with the logic in life. I don't NEED a camera but I for sure WANT it. All we NEED is food, clothing, shelter and the adequate money to get it. But we WANT so many thing in life, a mansion, lots of money, an attractive partner and the list is never ending. Then they tell me "That means your an excellent photographer now"!! Getting a DSLR and being an excellent amateur shutterbug are two mutually exclusively things. Done with part one, en route to the other!

For this paradigm am reminded of Saif Ali Khan's dialogue in the movie Race -
Race Gadi nahi chalane wala jeeta hai
Race is won by the driver not the car.


Some of the random clicks of mine below. All the pictures were shot at 4608 x 3072 pixels but now compressed for upload.

Taken from the level 4 of Korum Mall in Thane of the Cadbury Flyover.

Raindrops falling on the steps.

Shot through the leaves of the streetlight.

The working of the welder in my office.

Traffic in low shutter speed.