Monday, May 23, 2011

Bare beauty

For the contest "What does beauty mean to you?" on Indiblogger!

Beauty is a characteristic of a person that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction says Wikipedia. They even say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well then what to behold would be the right question.

A thing of beauty is something that appeals to the emotions and makes you apprecaite it. So anything could be beautiful. You could find a song beautiful, a sculpture or a scenery for that mater of fact. When it comes to a person being beautiful, I believe that to be beautiful means to be comfortable with your true inner self and its outer image. Beauty is important on both the inside and the outside. Is a rose ever ashamed of its thorns? You need to accept your flaws and take pride in your talents in order to achieve beauty on the outside. It's all about confidence as well.

Being beautiful has to do with the mind too. If you are in fear or angry you simply cannot be beautiful. These are the emotions that are worse than useless. There must be peace and tranquility on the inside They radiate on the face and show in the eyes. The eyes are the index of the soul and if the soul isn't beautiful the person can never be! Every person on the face of the earth wants to achieve that immortal and eternal beauty. But what they fail to understand is that when they seek beauty as an end in itself they may achieve it, but for a short period of time. It will be temporary and it wont satisfy. But if beauty comes to one on its own, as a result of right thoughts and action it will be eternal. The path is important. A classic example of this is Mother Teresa, even at her ripe old age, with the fair wrinkled skin and her over-worked hands she was adorable. Her face was serene with a magical smile and eyes that had a mystical glint. She was not only beautiful, She was GORGEOUS!

For me Beauty is a delicate balance of the inner and outer self. It is an attribute that can be sought and caught; but never taught and bought!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fall & rise...

Indeed jinxed it is for me,
No, not just that; something beyond!
I seem to falter always but,
The same intoxicating feeling everytime I do I get,
When being driven around or being the driving force,
Of liking, of passion and of bliss,
Drifting into oblivion every single time,
 Deliberately forgetting the past,
Looking beyond those wounds,
For it to happen again, not once I fall but twice,
Rising like a phoenix apparently feeling wise,
Wounds of the heart and flesh still afresh,
Promises I do make before the pains ebb!
Taking tips for future references, 
But not the decision to shy away,
Such a decision never in the fray,
All the incidents and accidents worth, 
For I know I love it,
So I can never stay away from riding that bike!! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The burning candle...

Shiva was supposed to be her closest friend! She had none other she had confessed to him, once. It has changed now. He still remembers everything vividly...

"Achu dude.." he said "I met her brother and father on the way to Trichy from Nagercoil. I struck a cord with them and I eventually exchanged number with them da. [read daaa, Tamil equivalent of re/yaar.] Then once went to their place and came to know her. Then added her on facebook and we used to chat da."

I asked "Whats her name da?"

"Aparna" he said, "But I used to call her kannadi" [ Tamil equivalent of Dhapni/ Chasmish..]

"What do you mean by used to call her? She ain't dead!" I interrupted.

"Dai listen to what am saying, don't irritate with your irrelevant logic, they're not needed now!" he barked. I fell silent. "She gave me he number once during our chat da. If am not mistaken it was 10th of Feb." 

He had such a good memory. I wanted to ask him how much he secured in the 10th standard in history, but I didn't want to face his wrath. I let him continue.

"We used to chat regularly via text da. Over the course of time we became really good friends, sharing each of our actions in daily life with accuracy, asking each other for suggestions and scolding each other for the mistakes. She started confiding in me the secrets from her past and the problems in her family. Once she cried on the phone saying about some problem. I consoled her, she was very happy. At 0030hrs on the 25th she sent me a msg saying that she was really happy to have me in her life and that she dint wanna loose me. I called her up, she cried again saying that she has always lost the people she had close in her life and she doesn't want to loose me."

I was all ears. I could see the sense of bliss on Shiva's face.

He went on "I was dumbstruck da, didn't know what to do so I promised her that I would never leave her. She said she was very happy, I was happy for her! Then one day she asked me isn't this more than just friendship? I dint know what to say da. Somewhere deep within my heart I knew she more-than-just-liked-me! We met on the 13th of April, Wednesday."

"Bloody ass you didn't even tell me" I said, furious by then.

"Dai macha, you were in Bombay at that time da!" he retaliated.

"Hmmm ok ok go on" I said.

"I met her at her place" He went on, "She told he mother that one friend of hers was coming home. Her place was empty all had gone to some damn relative's place. I went to her place and waited for her to speak. I was silent for almost 10 mins looking into her face. She was down looking just only at the bed. I held her hand lifted her head and proposed her da. In an instant she said yes! I was over the moon! I just hugged her, she hugged me so tight, I can still feel the warmth of her hug..."

"Dai dai, what happened then? huh? huh? :p" I wanted to distract his emotional barrage.

"Grrrrr, I can still remember the time, it was 12:12hrs. I can never forget that moment in my life..." he said with moist eyes.

I thought he must have had topped the state of Tamil Nadu in history with that kind of memory!

"But now, just after a week of our relationship she says she needs a break! She says she cant reciprocate the feeling of love! Didn't she come to know of it when she was roaming around with me? Didn't she get it when I was getting all romantic with the talks? She even reciprocated such talks! Why did she even say yes if she really didn't feel. Isn't this injustice? Bloody now she ain't even talking, not even responding to calls. I left her alone after some trying. I still keep sending her forwards as a testimony to my promise of not leaving her!"

I was bamboozled. She left him? For what? This is crazy!

"Did any fight break out between you two?" I asked.

"Ya a small argument, but that is no reason for her to act in such a way da." he continued. "Dude what ever it is, I supported her for almost 3 months and she just leaves without any reason. All the months of friendship vanished into thin air da. I was always by her side, when she needed a shoulder to cry I gave her mine; when she needed a hand to pat her, it was mine; when she needed a slap to remind her mistakes, it was me, how can she forget all this in an instant?? Where are the tears she brought out that night? Were they fake?"

"Buddy, firstly she seems to be a highly unstable emotional being. Secondly something big, something real big, has changed her mind da! She could be overreacting too" I reasoned out.

"But does that give her liberty to just walk out of the relationship? When she can tell all her unrequired shit to me, cant she tell me what is important?" He argued.

"Dai its almost gonna be a month and no call from her, do u still love her?" I intrigued.

"I don't know. I miss her thats for sure, love I don't! But I swear to you Achu, she will never find a guy who is so liberal, practical and came so close to her heart in such a small gap of time! Not even her husband I swear" He said.

I said "Shiva listen, Chillax buddy! U're better off without a creature that leaves you after u've given your everything da. She left you now for apparently a small issue, what is the guarantee that she would not have left you when something big actually would have cropped up in life? Good you came to know of the real self now! Don't be disheartened, see love in itself is not bad, people make it seem ugly. Am sure one day she will look back and say that leaving you was a wrong choice. Her conscience if she has any, will kill her! You will find a better person bro, for sure! Lots of good girls still around. As far as the using of the you goes, I would say be happy. It shows you are really worth it and you can actually make a person's life worth living da. You did so much for a person who gave you nothing in return. Imagine what you can do for a person who really cares for you. Am sure that you will give Rs1000 now for this caring speech am giving you now :p"

"Bloody ass.." He said with a smile on his face.

I continued "dai Dont mind when people remember you only in need. Feel privileged that you are a candle, which they need when there is darkness in their lives. Haven't you heard of the Sanskrit saying...

"Paropakaraya Phalanti Vrksa
 Paropakaraya Vahanti Nadya
Paropakaraya Duhanti Gava
Paropakararthamidam Sariram ||"

(( It is only to benefit others that trees bear fruits.
It is only for helping others that rivers flow
 It is only to benefit others that cows yield milk
It is only for helping others that you are given a body! ))

He hugged me tight and said "dai you're a good really good speaker da! Thanks for lifting my mood, come let me buy you a drink!"

I smiled! I was happy for him, more importantly for the drink!!