Sunday, March 04, 2012

I's eye!

Sometimes I think who am I?
A tree without leaves or a human without eye?
I’m asking question to everyone,
My emotions, my feelings, the water, the sun,
But no one is able to satisfy me,
No one is making me visualize what I want to see,
I’m confused and feeling suffocated,
And I need something to keep me motivated,
That makes me feel satisfied and answer me who am I,
The world is shrinking for me and may be I can die,
But the moment I start feeling low,
A motivation says me I’ve still something to show,
I can hear a distant sound rising very slowly,
Saying me that I’m not lonely,
I want to break all the shackles and come out with all answers,
Because I want to know who am I,
So that I don’t get hidden from my own eye...