Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remember me?

Lo and         behold,
am out there alone battling the cold,
fighting it am lying on the ground curled,
the memories in my head; they just swirl,
talks and promises out of the window you hurled,
killing me every moment; a new pain unfurled,
its all still here; but you are seen nowhere near,
the message, the letter, your scent on my sweater,
crying myself to sleep; an attempt to feel better,
my heart betrays me; to you it is so loyal,
still holds you as a princess whose is royal,
desperate to loosen on me your hold,
just wishing I could be like you so bold,
I was your silver, I was gold,
Remember me??
I was once your

F.Y.I - The poem is written roughly in the shape of a heart. ( In-case you just failed to notice.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elusive template

Life is a sequence nay you may say,
I stand with above; either work or play,
system of love,
and dirt it does shove,
struggle; pain; victory; rest; again eventual birth,
peace; happiness; joy; mirth then its dearth,
trying to judge pattern in hertz,
This was the best being expressed by fifty-five unique words.

This is my first attempt at writing a 55 fiction. Whats more special about this poem is that all the words here are used only once throughout the poem.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The illusionary orb

Imagine getting a remainder on your phone about the birthday of one of your pal or your relative that you had almost forgot it. Just in time you managed to buy a birthday present and pay him/her a visit making them happy. Isn't technology a life saver?

You are lost and stranded dont know what to do; you just pull out the smart phone form your pocket and not only find the way points but also the bus number and the frequency of those buses! aaah elixir...

You are at home alone hungry and you have forgot the number to your nearest restaurant; just go to google and type the name of the eatery and if it happens to be just a tad moderately known you will have its number flashing on the screen.

You are apparently bored and you think to while away sometime with google instant; you are in for a treat. I just entered the words "how to.." and look at the results below. HAHA look at the 3rd and 5th most popular searches! What kind of loosers we have around.. IMAO!

But have you ever noticed? We say technology has simplified our lives; In fact it is the one that has actually complicated it in the first place. Image a world where there were no alarm clocks. You would have listened to your biological clock, slept early and trained your mind to get up in the morning with the 1st rays of sun. You would have not forgotten your pals birthday in the first place for the fear of actually forgetting it and not having a backup to remind you of this. We thank Facebook for helping us catch up with our long-lost friends. But in most cases they are long-lost because we don't have the time or interest to actually move out of your desk and meet them in person. It is uncannily analogous to the use of air-conditioners wherein man had actually raised the temperature of the planet by his mis-endevours and then invented the air-conditioners to save himself from the heat! Or the underworld which strikes terror into the hearts of the people, wrecks havoc and then asks for the hafta to protect people from itself!

To be honest; I absolutely enjoy playing Angry Birds on my friend's iPhone and thanks to technology for spotting my errors and the eventual spell-check! What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a hypocrite before?? 


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

न सही

याद आती हो तुम रोज़  कहीं ना कहीं ,
जा चुके हो तुम इतनी क्यूँ दूर,
ज़ख्म दे गयी तोहफे के तौर पर तुम जो,
सहला रहा हूँ रोकर हर पल वो,
याद आता है वो साथ गुनगुनाएं गाने,
और सजाने की सोच रहे थे जो पल थे आने,
ढूंढ़ रहा हूँ तुमे रोज़ वही,
मिल जाती हो तुम यादों में कहीं,
उदासी है भरी की तुम पास क्यूँ नहीं,
ज़िन्दगी बस लगे न सही!

yaad aati ho tum roz kahin na kahin,
ja chukeho tum itni mujhse kyun door,
zakhm de gayi tohfe ke taur par tum jo,
sahala raha hoon rokar harpal wo,
yaad aate hai wo saath gungunaye gane,
aur sajaneki soch rahe the jo pal the aane,
dhund raha hoon tume roj wahi,
miljati ho tum yadon mein kahin,
udasi hai ki ho kyun tum pass nahi,
zindagi bas lage na sahi!

Am reminded of you everyday somewhere,
Why have you gone from me so far?
wounds that you gave me as gifts,
are soothed by crying every moment.
reminded of the songs that we hummed,
and the dreams we decorated of the moments yet to come,
am searching you every day,
finding you in my memories somewhere,
sadness fills on questioning why you are not here,
life is just not right!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quik read # 04

Most often when we don't do a thing its not whether we can do it or not, its just that the work/person does figure in our priority list! All that is needed is conviction to move things. We simply need to be motivated internally to do that thing in the first place before we actually get down to doing it. A classic example..

You are at your place and absolutely can't pickup a call due to people around and suddenly your phone rings..
Friend calls
You simply cut the call, hours later message him/her with a reason. (second part optional)
BF/GF calls
You run to the restroom with the phone, talk in a hushed voice and convey the message with a lot of "Sorry baby", "darling understand" kind of talks and then innocently join the group.

A very basic yet powerful example. So next time anyone tells you a work is not possible, more often than not, its not their inability to do the work but a lack of conviction that exists because you simply don't figure in their priority list. Rightly said, Where there is a will there is a way!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beyond the 11th hour

Well its the month of June and all of the educated creatures belonging the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens are gripped by pangs of the "Go Green fever". The various types or media viz. Televisons, newspapers, the internet are all flooded with messages of saving the planet and reducing the carbon footprint. They suddenly realise the importance of World Environment Day! Well, I'll follow suit and try my bit in spreading the awareness! Here I've analysed some of the things we do foolishly, yet we're unaware of it. I'll start with the basic things and move on to bigger issues.

We in schools were taught time and again to not waste the precious resources of our planet. But as in the case of any school knowledge, we've comfortably forgotten the lessons and make rampant use of the resources. It starts with the wastage of a thing without which we will cease to exist today; Electricity. We dont care about the wastage of electricity and the reason is pretty obvious; it doesn't burn a big hole in our pockets. A normal tubelight has a wattage of about 60W, keep it burning unnecessarily for about an hour in a day amounts to the loss of just 60W, in a year just 21.9 kWh. Now lets translate that in terms of money, assuming a unit of electricity costs Rs 5, at max you could loose just Rs 110 in a year for a tubelight! It is this attitude of ours "what is the use of saving the wattage of just one tubelight?" that spells doom for the whole of mankind. Now let me explain, the more the wastage of electricity the more the power generation that is required, the more the generation the more the burning of fossil fuels, the more the burning the more the pollution and more the global warming! the worst part : The more the warming the more the usage of ACs which lead to more warming! Its a vicious circle!

The next resource rampantly used is Water. There are many people on the face of the earth who don't have access to safe and pure drinking water! If you have enough clean water to drink be fortunate that you are not  amongst the 19% of the people who don't have clean water to drink! Ok, now you may question "What is gonna happen by my saving of water? Is it that am using their water? Anyways the water goes to the earth!" Well I've an explanation on why you should not waste water. The water that comes to our taps is drawn from the reservoirs, chlorinated, sent to our homes and pumped to our rooftops! The catch is that all of the above processes require electricity, and wastage of water indirectly is wastage of electricity and it is like giving impetus to the vicious circle of global warming.

Greenpeace India on 18th May 2011 exposed the diesel exploitation by the telecom giants in India. The government subsidy is about Rs 7-11/litre of diesel for running the generators of the towers! the report says
         "In 2008, according to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), telecom sector consumes 2 billion litres of diesel annually for running mobile towers which has grown to 3 billion in year 2011 with 30 % growth rate"
[F.Y.I] Burning a single litre of diesel emits 2.6kgs of Carbon into the air, multiply that into 3 billion, well that is just for a year from a single country like India! [/F.Y.I]

Watching the Formula1 races has always given people a high. The sound of engines revving, the speed and the breathtaking manoeuvres. On 11th of December Indian Grand Prix is set to take place. This serves as welcome news to all the fans. But have you ever thought? Is such a sport really required considering the energy crisis we are already facing on earth? So much of wastage of fuel just to satiate the human ego and prove who is faster! Well well! In most of the things we do, we somehow waste a lot of resources. Its high time now. They say we are at the eleventh hour and we need to take actions to save the earth. I just laugh at them, good sense of humour they have. Well, don't try to save the earth, the earth will continue to remain as it is, It is we who are going to perish. Lets save our asses as we're already beyond the eleventh hour!