Thursday, July 28, 2011


Shaking in the moonlight,
everyone endures walking alone.
Lost in the cacophonous labyrinth,
I found myself from the past,
I wonder if we could ever go back,
to the past when we were really clueless,
I know, of course we can't,
because the sky will fall down.
I definately will find it,
believing in something,
marching straigth ahead.
Everything looks beautiful,
the smiles from now itself....
am sure I and you saw it;
that nostalgic smile,
tonight am watching standing away far,
the last scene I can't remember,
it is different from what I wish to see,
it is a more happy ending,
dreaming of that last time,
we were truly together,
I close my eyes,
you're right beside me,
lets keep that happiness to ourselves!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quik read # 05

A very rich young man went to see a sage in order to ask his advice about what he should do with his life. The sage led him over to the window:

Sage: What can you see through the glass?

Man: I can see men coming and going and a blind man begging for alms in the street.

Then the sage showed him a large mirror and

Sage: Look in this mirror and tell me what you see.

Man: I can see myself.

Sage: And you can’t see the others. Notice that the window and the mirror are both made of the same basic material, glass.

You should compare yourself to these two kinds of glass. 
Poor – you saw other people and felt compassion for them.
Rich – covered in silver – you see yourself.

You will only be worth anything when you have the courage to tear away the coating of silver covering your eyes in order to be able to see again and love your fellow man.


Pain and suffering are always required for the eventual bliss. Hence, when in pain or you feel your are suffering next time tell yourself....Pain is bliss... because only the select carbon atoms that have been under heavy pressure and heat for millions of years and later subject to cruel polishing regime become the most glittering of diamonds!

P.S. Still wondering why people cut and burn themselves without apparent justifiable reason?

Friday, July 22, 2011

दोस्ती ही साही

गए थे इनती दूर थी वो खुदकी मर्ज़ी,
लगा था तुम्हे है दोस्ती एक वर्दी,
उतारो जब हो गर्मी; पहनो जब सर्दी,
आये हो मेरे चौखट पे आज,
लिए वो पुराणी यादोंका साथ,
अहमियत आई है समझ; वह क्या बात!
रखी है मांग दोहराने की वो संग,
शायद हो गए हो प्रबुद्ध...
की सब होते है अपने मन की दर्जी,
आये हो अचानक मेरे पास आज,
अब तो बताओ अपने जाने का राज़,
उस दिन भी मैंने ऐसे ही माँगा था तुम्हारी दोस्ती का साज़,
मालूम था तुम आओगे एक दिन वापस मेरे पास,
इसलिए है मुझे हमारे ये दोस्ती पर नाज़!


gaye the itni door thi woh khud ki marzi,
laga tha tumhe hai dosti ek vardi,
utaro jab ho garmi; peheno jab sardi,
aaye ho meri choukhat pe aaj,
liye woh purani yaadon ka saath,
ahmeyat aayi hai samaj; wah kya baat!
rakhi hai mang dohraneki woh sang,
shayad ho gaye prabuddha,
ki sab hote hai apne man ki darzi,
aaye ho achanak mere paas aaj,
ab toh batao apne jaane ka raaz,
Us din bhi meine aise hi manga tha thumari dosti ka saaz,
malum tha aaoge tum ek din wapas mere pass,
isliye hai mujhe hamare dosti par naaz!


You had gone far that was your wish,
You thought friendship is a dress,
remove it when its hot; put when its cold,
you've come to my doorstep today,
bringing along the accompaniment of old memories,
importance you've known; wow its a wonder!
placed a demand of repeating the company,
probably you are enlightned...
that all are the tailors of their own mind,
you've come all of a sudden to me today,
atleast now tell me the reason for the abscond,
that day also I had asked you similarly the harness of your friendship,
I knew you would one day come back to me,
That is why I am proud of our friendship!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching a break

Earlier, last week I got my results and cleared my graduation with 70.59%. That was just a single node in the roller-coaster ride of emotions. Then I got a marketing job under my aunt in Thane itself. I was happy but not satiated because somewhere deep in my heart I knew I wanted to do HR. Then bang; on saturday I got a call form the concern I had gone to as my first interview exactly a month ago asking me to join on Monday. I had actually written it off. After I said ok to them I dawned upon me the fact of life. We always get the best of things when we're not expecting them. Also, applying reverse logic it apparently seems getting things that you expect makes them less special per se!

Coming from a Computer science people have always wondered as to why I wanted to pursue a  field that has more to do with the social sciences and completely off-beat from what a normal Comp-Sci grad does. But isn't it home where the heart is? Seems I've finally caught a break from my otherwise irresponsible life as my dear critic mama(uncle) would quote! The fact being; I've always been more irresponsible than he ever perceived and wiser than he has ever deemed me to be.

Today was supposed to be my first day at work and I still remember how I was damn restless; clearly highlighted by the fact that I woke up 7 times during the night yesterday to check the time as I dint want to be late. 0015, 0055, 0135, 0158, 0245, 0320 and 0515 hrs I vividly recall. Duh!
I managed to reach on time.

Reception: Yes, how may I help you?
Me: Hi, This is Achuthan, Am to join today.
Reception: Oh Hi Achuthan, please have a seat.
Me: Ok, Thanks.

After 5 mins.

Reception: Achuthan, were you instructed on what task you're required to perform?
Me: I've absolutely no clue, I was just asked to join. You're the one who communicated with me, right?
Reception: Yeah, Am sorry Achuthan, Abhijeet has gone to meet a client in place of Yogesh Sir who is unwell today. He is supposed to be in charge of assigning you tasks. Please come tomorrow, same time! Extremely sorry.

Inconvenience regretted?? Ouch! I've damn traveled for 2 hours to reach this place I thought. But there was nothing anyone could. People don't fall sick purposely I said to myself. Atleast I got the practice of coming on time. I comforted myself. The very first day in my professional career starts with a holiday, am surely one in a million I thought. It is not a one you took, rather it is a holiday thrust upon you, you moron; the logical self of mine smirked! Fair enough.

Whatever, it is a new beginning from tomorrow. A new role in life, period! I just found this song to be amazingly apt!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday I officially became a graduate. The days running up to it as I recall, were hell. Searching for a job unsure of the results. Failure and the emotional turmoil with heavy mood swings. It was a bad phase; now distant in my memory. I got a call that the results are out online. My heart started pounding. I could feel the vibrations echoing in my whole body, legs went weak! That feeling has come only twice ever in life; ironically both on the 13th of a month this year!

Then the bliss; I was a graduate. ALL CLEAR.

All the years of hurt, pain and agony; both mental and physical seemed justified. In a jiffy all the memories flashed in front of me. Right from 9th July 2008 through 20th May 2011. This has not ended but just begun. Graduation life has died, the after-life awaits me with arms outstretched. Way to go....

After 3yrs am officially relieved from hostel life. Am back home. This song seems perfect!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The last call...

Its been a year; yet I still remember her face vividly; 379 days to be precise. Raji.. yes Raji was her name. She was wearing a white top with crisp blue denim. I was lost into oblivion waiting for the train when she approached me and...

Raji: Hey, you are Akshay's friend Vishal right?
Me: Yes, Why?
Raji: Don't you remember me? We once met outside my college? .....Raji?
Me: Oh! So your Raji? Ya I know you. We have spoken about twice on the phone. He always keeps speaking about you..
Raji: Does he? A bit of misunderstanding between us. He gave me call I just ignored. I'll give him a call after some days. Just don't tell him you met me.
Me: Ya he gave you a call on the 3rd, he dint just call you, it was 5 times.
Raji: How do... (I cut her)
Me: Even if I wish I cant tell him now, He died on that day!

I said coldly with a hint of anger and sadness in my voice. She was dumbstruck!

Raji: What the hell are you telling me?
Me: Yes I was riding on a bike with him, I was pillion. We met with an accident and he died after an hour.
Raji: What? How? Where?
Me: He wanted to do shopping and we were on our way when the truck ahead of us hit the brakes suddenly to avoid hitting a careless pedestrian. We were not able to apply the brake in time and rammed to the back of the truck and he hit his head.
Raji: He always wears a helmet. What happened to the helmet?
Me: We were to buy a new helmet that day, so left the old one at home. We passed the helmet shop on the road but dint buy because he wanted a racing helmet. We'd have got it if we would have saved some extra cash on the way back from the shopping. I guess it was meant to be that way.

Her jaw dropped open. As I continued...

Me: When we hit the truck the bike was travelling at about 45 kmph. He tried to brake but could not due to rain and the tires slipped. He hit head first into the back of the dumper while I hit him from behind, pinning him further. The bystanders helped me get him to hospital. He writing in pain and out of the blue all what he said was "Call Raji from my cell!" It was then you got the call five times; you ignored! Of all he called you.. Damn it!

The anger in my voice was starting to show up now.

Raji: What? Why me? Why not his parents or anyone else?
Me: Because he was always clear with his life. He never faked, always talking out what is there in the heart with zero justification no matter what. When people feel they gonna die they called their loved ones to say that they loved them or to tell them unsaid things. But he didn't need to do that, he was outspoken and frank, he always believed this real buddies would understand him. He was right! He wanted to tell you that because he told you he likes you, you don't have to reciprocate the feeling. He had made a statement not a asked you a question. You didn't understand it, created a misunderstanding and ignored his calls. Hah! he was wrong in choosing you out of the millions.
Raji: Did he tell you all this? But how will I know?

I said, looking directly into her eyes defiantly, with a unwavering voice that held the cold subdued anger.

Me: Now, you never will! This is the exact difference between you and him. He never gave justifications; at least not to close ones. Probably somewhere deep inside he felt that you were not that close so he must have asked me to call you. He doesn't have to explain all this to me! I've known him since I've known things. I was his second conscience; he was mine. I've once heard "No-one is ever betrayed by true Love. Only deceived by infatuation and blinded by lust". After all its true...

She was standing in the crowd. I pushed her back into the same millions that Akshay had brought her out from. Eyes moist and grasping for breath; that was the last time I saw her! As I left her there, I recalled this quote from the classic V for Vendetta to be apt...

Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition! The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. [laughs] Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me "V".

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Improvisation - Need of the day

We all know that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Well here is a hilarious proof to this proverb and the age-old cliché of  Where there is will there is a way (Link to another topic on the same lines). A friend had mailed this to me long back. Just thought of sharing.

No spoon?
Well, I can fix it!

Seat belt broken?
Well, I can fix it!

Old TV cabinet small??
Well, I can fix it!

Electrical socket problem?
Well, I can fix it!

Stereo stolen??
Well, I can fix it! 

Book shelf damaged??
Well, I can fix it!

GPS faulty??
Well, I can fix it!

No ice box for party??
Well, I can fix it!

Cant see the ATM screen in the sun's glare??
Well, I can fix it!

Car make of another country??
Well, I can fix it!

Satellite dish getting wet??
Well, I can fix it!

Coffee heater malfunction??
Well, I can fix it!

Exhaust dragging??
Well, I can fix it!

Need to feed as well watch TV??
Well, I can fix it!

USB cables falling behind desk??
Well, I can fix it!

Ran out of diapers??
Well, I can fix it!

Challenges are high,
the dreams are new,
the world out there,
is waiting for you.
dare to dream, 
dare to try, 
no goal is too distant, 
no star too high...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Networking - The Google way.

I've been watching the internet space for the past 3-4 days and in all of them the talk about Google plus hogs the limelight. Even Facebook status of many of my friends says they want an invite if anyone has a spare. My relationship with Google has always been special. I was invited to join Google by my friend Siddharth Joshi way back in 2005 when it was pretty new in India. At that time Google mail was invite only and Internet in India at that time was synonymous with Yahoo. I was given an invite into Orkut by another friend of mine while it was still new and in beta testing stages; and now Sreenivasulu Reddy Varikuti sent me an invite just under 20 minutes after me asking for an invite through the status in Facebook. While many of my friends still are trying for the past 2-3days for an invite. Lucky me!

First and foremost. I've always been a huge fan of Google. Can we imagine a day without it? 

I tried out their G+ and I must say am impressed, as always. The interface is very light and very friendly. Even the newest of the users on the Internet can get around easily there. The circles option is the best part. The interface looks like the old style telephone wherein you have to rotate the dial to input a number. To remove a person you just drag a person out of the dial and it just shoots up in smokes, poof!! IMAO. To top it all, the friend suggesting algorithm is really great. More often than not it shows the right people in the right circle, wonderful. With huddle you can group chat with people via the android and even through SMS. Hangout lets u group chat in video with people, no need of Skype now. The plugin is very small and loads instantly. Sparks is very good for searching the latest news and killing time. All these not in Facebook are in G+

While G+ may be new and not as eye catchy as Facebook, what really sets it apart is the user friendliness, its move to make networking more real and bringing the whole of the internet on your dashboard. The best part is that Google makes everything accessible using one single username over the vast products they offer from searches to maps to images to blogs!! It makes the life of a user easy by not having to through ten different accounts for twenty things, makes more sense, doesn't it? I reckon G+ is not only a better networking site but also the future of networking. I wouldn't be surprised if Google would be accused of killing Facebook in the same way Facebook was accused of killing Orkut! It is vendetta and it is pay-back time..

G+ is here to stay. Way to go G+ make networking real from virtual!!

Note: They will be rolling out the official G+ to the public soon. They are just testing and also its a marketing strategy using the Demand-supply concept. It will eventually fetch them more users... ooh how much I love and admire those Google guys!