Thursday, January 05, 2012

The hunger & the bugger

The sky gave out a cry, 
The wind began to tremble,
I sighted a plate of chicken fry,
Then my stomach began to grumble.

As the chicken stared at me,
I wondered what piece to eat,
Then I looked at the damn fee,
And my heart began to pound not beat.

Fee was high & hunger was nigh,
But I still walked in carrying nothing but a cent,
Having eaten it all & given out a sigh,
Washing of dishes came next & my energy was spent.

But hunger still awaited me
And the grumbling began once more,
In hunger, I searched for food that was free,
My efforts however no results bore.

I vowed to never let hunger go to my head,
I carry a dabba with me instead!

This is pair poetry done by Yashad Kirtane and me at Poetry Tuesday - 8. I wrote the lines in Yellow.