Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paichan Kaun!

Sometimes I ponder and it makes me wonder,
why am i mad; why am i sad?
do i deserved to be this, am i really so bad?
I raise such queries, an attempt to end my worries!
I keep my ears open; but there are no words spoken,
the deathly silence is much harder to face than violence,
I've changed a lot, is this part of a secret plot?
I need to forge ahead and mourne,
Still sometimes i ask my self "Paichan Kaun...?"

Paichan Kaun myself I asked...
My heart started beating really fast,
Thoughts ceased to fly and i seemed to die,
Something told me I need to start and go,
I've people to who I owe,
Leaving behind me what does not matter,
Now is making me feel better.
The future seems bleak as I feel weak,
I need to forget my past so to not get lost,
I must make a move as I've go a lot to prove!
Now when I ask my self "Paichan kaun...?"
My heart instanly answers "Mein hoon Don...!!"

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