Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gimme a break!

Gimme a break; I pray,
The patterns are disturbing I say,
Haunting me repeatedly,
at me they laugh.
Despite the efforts I take,
Everytime the same pain I endure;
Vowing to make it better ahead I forge.
For once I want to be stable,
This weary feeling is pushing me down,
Wanting to get out of this infinite loop I say,
Gimme a break; I pray!


Red Handed said...

They seldome listen to u.Not even a pause forget a break!
Nice lines!

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Your profile picture got me to visit your blog :)
There was something about it. Something 'Dark'. Like your theme :)

I love the theme.
Your post is short, yet it is so deep. Intense.

The pictures you have clicked are lovely. Specially the raindrops on the steps :)

I love your blog!
Take Care :)

Miss Cortni said...

creepy yet cool!
nice blog - im following :)

- <3

Madhulika said...

Even I need a break.. future sucks :(
Nice post..!!
Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog...
Hope to stay connected :)

Kalyan said...

nicely crafted lines...lovely words!

Prettylicious said...

God,your blog is SO.COOL!
Awesome post,btw (:

SUB said...

i guess u can't be happy if you try hard to be can't be stable if you try hard to be stable...the secret is probably t let go...

lovely lines...


Karan Agrawal said...

Nice post... patterns in the poem might be disturbing the pattern in your post is interesting!

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

You need a break from such sinking feelings. Go and get some fresh air outside. The world is waiting.
have a peaceful day :)

Center Shocker said...

@Pretty, Reicha, SUB, Karan and Kalyan Thanks all.

I was frustrated wit the same routine hence wrote this post.. felt happy after venting my anger on my blog!