Monday, May 24, 2010

I miss those days..

I miss those days of uniform, class test, unit test, semester, holidays, more class, more unit tests, one more semester and holidays only for the cycle to start again !!

I miss those days when I kept praying for some more holidays in a week, searching the calender on the 1st of every month to look at the number of holidays.

I miss those days when every person I met was a friend, in the building, outside the building, in the bus, in the train, in shop where ever i did a hop.

I miss those days of singing "happy birthday to u, may god bless u..." in chorus every single time a classmate has his birthday.

I miss those days waiting for the recess bell to ring and rush out of the class to the canteen and jostling there to get the first piece of the snack.

I miss those days of fighting whether the ball hit the stump or missed it only to be chased down by the PT sir saying that the break time was over.

I miss those days of eating bhel for Rs 2/- outside the school gate oblivious of the dirty water that guy used to make bhel in.

I miss those days of waiting for the sun to down to come out of the house to play with friends, a gang of 20 roughly.

I miss those days of "Hide-n-Seek", "Lock-n-Key", "Kho-Kho", "Cycle Chor-Police"...

I miss those days of carefree life where I never thought about the past or the future, just living in the present and hellbent on enjoying it out like there was no other.

I miss those days of innocence when there were no hidden motives behind any of the work I did, those days where I never had to bother looking around if anyone was watching me.

Those days are gone, gone forever never to come back. But what still remains vivid, is the beautiful memories of THOSE DAYS called CHILDHOOD!

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Shri said...

I agree, i miss those days!! :(
Nicely done buddy!!