Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Impossible ?? LoL !!

It actually started off as a joke...
First lecture of the day and boring as usual; couldnt even take out the mobile to fiddle as I was sitting on the edge on the aisle in between rows.
I just told my friend lets have fun and start writing with our left hands. So it started. We all were in giggles by looking at our writing.

That lecture passed real quick. I was feeling bored and started doing it the next lecture also. It became a habit. I kept doing it for a week to the frustration of my friends who kept asking me what I wanted to prove. My handwriting started getting better with the left hand and now am on the road to becoming ambidextrous.

The point I would I like to bring out here is that the reason we fail is because we give up after a singe attempt does not fetch the desired result. How many times have we failed in life ?? 10 ? 20 ? 30 ? heh !! We must have failed for thousands of times in life, remember the time when we were learning to walk n talk ? we failed; but never gave up because we didnt know what is to give up. Now that we have grown up, we tend to become more conscious of the people around us and what they would say.

After this I've realised that when we say that we cant do a thing it is not our inability to do it but our lethargy. When we dont achieve a thing its because either we really didnt want it or we have bargained for its price. I've learnt the lesson that i would remember for a loooooong time to come; Impossible is nothing !!

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psychadelicgreen22 said...

Really apt for the upcoming 'lethargic' generations to come, would rate it as pep talk #1, keep up the good work, a lot of people are in search of such a motivational message to start their day!