Thursday, February 10, 2011

Game, for life...

"Stop playing games like a kid!", gone are the days when you used to hear the comment as a reaction on finding someone playing games. Gone are the days of Mario, Dave and Contra. The term gaming now is associated with playing on a PSP or computer or a X-Box with highly sophisticated controls and commands.

The games that are developed now by companies like EA, Valve and Blizzard cater to all genres of game lovers from simulation to strategic games to first person shooting. These type of games also come with the option of playing online through a dedicated platform with like minded gamers across the globe with real-time stats! The best known among them are Steam for CS, Garena for Warcraft etc. These gaming servers/ platforms also maintain a forum of their own where they provide troubleshooting service and also discussions for the game play takes place there. The monthly active members on these forums and their servers exceed a million. And more often than not a player is willing to part away with a major chunk of his pocket-money to enjoy special privileges on these servers! When seen most of the games are in the age group of 15-30 years, the youth.

The sites/forums in turn are making money by selling these privileges and by advertisement. The sun is shining brightly and the hardware companies are making hay, big time. Specialised gaming consoles, keyboard and mouse are on every gamers' wish list and u bet, these don't come cheap! Graphic Processing Units(GPU) which were a luxury has now become a necessity. The major brands like Nvidia and Radeon are even willing to sponsor for the tournaments.

These games have always been criticised for being a diversion to the minds of the youth, the pillars of their respective economies Another point drawn flak upon is the amount of obscenity and violence in those games, unsuited for younger gamers! But the point is that these games are not made for them! These games are in my opinion a boon in disguise. These draw the attention of the youth of the nation for anti-social activities at least! These games are played in real time so these require a lot of  hand-eye co-ordination and improves the reflexes of the gamers in turn. The strategy games improves the resource management and improves the analytical ability and makes the mind sharper. Thats why is say, "Game, for life!!"

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It's all in d game of lyf yaar!!!