Sunday, February 27, 2011

Morning madness

The other day I got down at Kalyan station from my express train on my way back home and boarded the 5.26am slow local for CST. Don't know what prompted me to not take a fast train to Thane. But that decision proved out to be good indeed, unaware I was of the entertainment coming up!

As I boarded the train I went to the opposite end knowing that the train would come on platform no.4 in Thane. I was loaded with bags. I kept those bags near the door on the side and was standing near the doorway as usual. As the train passed Dombivli, I heard a familiar question from a man in his mid-50's

Oldie: Diva utrayache?
          [Want to get down at Diva?]
Man: Nahi, Mumbryala!
          [No, at Mumbra]
Oldie: Mag side de na.(arrograntly)
          [The give side (way)]
Man: Thamba zara, Vel aahe. Kopar cha nantar yenar na.
          [Wait a little, time is there. After Kopar only it will come]

And they started arguing. At first it was amusing, but then it started to get monotonous as the man was constantly asking for "side". Suddenly involuntarily I muttered,

Me: Konta side pahije, right ki left?
       [Which side you want, right or left?]

That impromptu remark brought smiles to the lips of people standing around me. Those two were busy fighting oblivious of the comment though. 

Oldie: Ha train kai tuzhya baapacha aahe?
          [Is this train your father's?]
Man: Zasta bolu naka, tumi loka gavatun yeta ani amcha jeev gheta!
         [Dont speak too much, you people come from village to kill us!]

I was pretty pissed by then. 05.30 in the morning and people start fighting like small children fighting for that extra candy. I mean, how can you even get into the mood to argue in the morning when you have some many plans running in your head for the day ahead? I said then audibly, sounding bored :-

Me: Chala khup zala bolun, maar-peet suru kara!
       [Enough of the talking, start the blows now!]

People all around started laughing and there stopped the argument. At-last peace restored!


Anonymous said...

Awesome bro :P Next time u get into such a situation, better keep ur mouth shut.. pata chala dono milke tere pe chad gaye.

Purba said...

smart move :)))

Doctor_Venom said...

happens every day.....

shradhs said...

lolzzzz...... nxt time u better keep quite varna tera left right kar denge.......:p