Monday, May 23, 2011

Bare beauty

For the contest "What does beauty mean to you?" on Indiblogger!

Beauty is a characteristic of a person that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction says Wikipedia. They even say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well then what to behold would be the right question.

A thing of beauty is something that appeals to the emotions and makes you apprecaite it. So anything could be beautiful. You could find a song beautiful, a sculpture or a scenery for that mater of fact. When it comes to a person being beautiful, I believe that to be beautiful means to be comfortable with your true inner self and its outer image. Beauty is important on both the inside and the outside. Is a rose ever ashamed of its thorns? You need to accept your flaws and take pride in your talents in order to achieve beauty on the outside. It's all about confidence as well.

Being beautiful has to do with the mind too. If you are in fear or angry you simply cannot be beautiful. These are the emotions that are worse than useless. There must be peace and tranquility on the inside They radiate on the face and show in the eyes. The eyes are the index of the soul and if the soul isn't beautiful the person can never be! Every person on the face of the earth wants to achieve that immortal and eternal beauty. But what they fail to understand is that when they seek beauty as an end in itself they may achieve it, but for a short period of time. It will be temporary and it wont satisfy. But if beauty comes to one on its own, as a result of right thoughts and action it will be eternal. The path is important. A classic example of this is Mother Teresa, even at her ripe old age, with the fair wrinkled skin and her over-worked hands she was adorable. Her face was serene with a magical smile and eyes that had a mystical glint. She was not only beautiful, She was GORGEOUS!

For me Beauty is a delicate balance of the inner and outer self. It is an attribute that can be sought and caught; but never taught and bought!


lyfnluv said...

gud gud.........really nice........... beautifull ;-)

Farila said...

I totally agree that is balance between your inner and outer self. Good points there

Someone is Special said...

actually she was gorgeous for sure.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special

Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

I totally agree wit your point Achuthan.. "A thing of beauty is something that appeals to the emotions and makes you apprecaite it..!!" Exactly said..

Beauty is something really related with our emotions and that's wat My aura of beauty too !!!

Blue moon said...

gud1... u ve brought out d beauty in a beautiful way!!!

natural beauty said...

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