Monday, May 16, 2011

Fall & rise...

Indeed jinxed it is for me,
No, not just that; something beyond!
I seem to falter always but,
The same intoxicating feeling everytime I do I get,
When being driven around or being the driving force,
Of liking, of passion and of bliss,
Drifting into oblivion every single time,
 Deliberately forgetting the past,
Looking beyond those wounds,
For it to happen again, not once I fall but twice,
Rising like a phoenix apparently feeling wise,
Wounds of the heart and flesh still afresh,
Promises I do make before the pains ebb!
Taking tips for future references, 
But not the decision to shy away,
Such a decision never in the fray,
All the incidents and accidents worth, 
For I know I love it,
So I can never stay away from riding that bike!! 

1 comment:

Saswath Kaundinya.S.L. said...

Awesome bro, this really means a lot !!!!!!!! :) :D :P