Wednesday, June 15, 2011

न सही

याद आती हो तुम रोज़  कहीं ना कहीं ,
जा चुके हो तुम इतनी क्यूँ दूर,
ज़ख्म दे गयी तोहफे के तौर पर तुम जो,
सहला रहा हूँ रोकर हर पल वो,
याद आता है वो साथ गुनगुनाएं गाने,
और सजाने की सोच रहे थे जो पल थे आने,
ढूंढ़ रहा हूँ तुमे रोज़ वही,
मिल जाती हो तुम यादों में कहीं,
उदासी है भरी की तुम पास क्यूँ नहीं,
ज़िन्दगी बस लगे न सही!

yaad aati ho tum roz kahin na kahin,
ja chukeho tum itni mujhse kyun door,
zakhm de gayi tohfe ke taur par tum jo,
sahala raha hoon rokar harpal wo,
yaad aate hai wo saath gungunaye gane,
aur sajaneki soch rahe the jo pal the aane,
dhund raha hoon tume roj wahi,
miljati ho tum yadon mein kahin,
udasi hai ki ho kyun tum pass nahi,
zindagi bas lage na sahi!

Am reminded of you everyday somewhere,
Why have you gone from me so far?
wounds that you gave me as gifts,
are soothed by crying every moment.
reminded of the songs that we hummed,
and the dreams we decorated of the moments yet to come,
am searching you every day,
finding you in my memories somewhere,
sadness fills on questioning why you are not here,
life is just not right!


Vichi said...

Ouch.. is kavita mein bahut dard hai :(

Sanjana said...

This is it :)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually like sad poems but this was good. The first line is my personal fav, because you've used 'kahin na kahin' instead of 'kabhi na kabhi', which is what I expected after reading the first half of the line.

Please, you *must* read these out at Poetry Tuesday.