Monday, June 20, 2011

The illusionary orb

Imagine getting a remainder on your phone about the birthday of one of your pal or your relative that you had almost forgot it. Just in time you managed to buy a birthday present and pay him/her a visit making them happy. Isn't technology a life saver?

You are lost and stranded dont know what to do; you just pull out the smart phone form your pocket and not only find the way points but also the bus number and the frequency of those buses! aaah elixir...

You are at home alone hungry and you have forgot the number to your nearest restaurant; just go to google and type the name of the eatery and if it happens to be just a tad moderately known you will have its number flashing on the screen.

You are apparently bored and you think to while away sometime with google instant; you are in for a treat. I just entered the words "how to.." and look at the results below. HAHA look at the 3rd and 5th most popular searches! What kind of loosers we have around.. IMAO!

But have you ever noticed? We say technology has simplified our lives; In fact it is the one that has actually complicated it in the first place. Image a world where there were no alarm clocks. You would have listened to your biological clock, slept early and trained your mind to get up in the morning with the 1st rays of sun. You would have not forgotten your pals birthday in the first place for the fear of actually forgetting it and not having a backup to remind you of this. We thank Facebook for helping us catch up with our long-lost friends. But in most cases they are long-lost because we don't have the time or interest to actually move out of your desk and meet them in person. It is uncannily analogous to the use of air-conditioners wherein man had actually raised the temperature of the planet by his mis-endevours and then invented the air-conditioners to save himself from the heat! Or the underworld which strikes terror into the hearts of the people, wrecks havoc and then asks for the hafta to protect people from itself!

To be honest; I absolutely enjoy playing Angry Birds on my friend's iPhone and thanks to technology for spotting my errors and the eventual spell-check! What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a hypocrite before?? 



Sanjana said...

well said... it's really very hard to live without technology.. actually technology is omnipresent..u jst can't imagine ur life without technology :)

Prathi said...

agree great thinking in b/w thanks for stopping by,you have a interesting blog liked it a lot and yup i'm following you expect the same thank you and stay in touch :)