Thursday, October 27, 2011

The good life...

Again today I've realised that it is 3 weeks since I've updated my blog. The time gap hardy seems that far away. My past weeks have been really eventful. I've been doing things I've not done before and thinking of ideas I dare not think before. This change in me baffles and excites me simultaneously!
A glance at my life in the past 3 weeks!

My personal dossier...

** Poetry Tuesday:
I'd actually subscribed to a person, who blogs only about the news in Thane that many big newspapers fail to notice. There I found about a poetry meet called "Poetry Tuesday" that takes place on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Utd 21 Hotel in Thane. Was initially apprehensive about being there but once I went there it was fun!

** New friend(s):
The best thing that Poetry Tuesday did was introduce me to a circle of new friends who had greater inclination to literature than me. Among that was a person who has become one of my very dearest friends within a short period of time - "Cartoon sali" :P

I received a mail on the 12th saying that there was gonna be an Indiblogger meet in Bombay. I was pretty excited to have received the mail and was all raring to go. Manali also joined in and we had lotsa fun in the famed R.K.Studio in Chembur.

** South Bombay Trip:
After having got my camera, suddenly I was starting to ponder, if me buying that 30 grand piece was a waste or an investment! Then one fine day a trip to South Bombay materialised and viola I realised I still had the zeal for photography. It rejuvenated my love for random photography.

Am not a movie buff. Leave alone watching it in the theatre. I am just back after watching the much-hyped paraNORMAL - ACTIVITY 3. I was expecting some very scary stuff as it was going to be my 1st horror movie in a theatre. Dismal!

My professional dossier...

**Infy closing:
Am seemingly having fun at work. To enjoying working under pressure, having fun and at the same time get results is a rare combination. Got my 2nd career closure and my 1st big one and that too in a company like Infosys is a personal achievement.

My boss seems to be happy with my performance and said that I would have my performance appraisal from next month onwards; my 1st HIKE!! To be still in my training period and receive a performance appraisal is achievement of sorts I guess.

I've found my *purple* patch I guess. Looking back, it is actually almost 3 months since joined my work. It has kept me happy and busy. Things have just whizzed past me. But I've managed to captured most of those moments on my camera!!

P.S:- I've decided to try and use only my pictures from this post onwards..
P.S.S:- You can check my photography on Facebook or Tumblr


Anonymous said...

It's a fab idea to only use the photos you've clicked!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

And I'm happy you've found your PURPLE patch! Do you like the phrase even more cuz its purple? ;)

Anonymous said...

wow!!loved it.... !!! specially the infy closure one... and the fact that u've been blessed with the "rare combo" nohing like it!! Enjoy enjoy :))

Center Shocker said...

@nothing - Actually yes. *PURRRRPLEEEEE*
@Anonymous - Hah!