Tuesday, November 15, 2011


How often are we fortunate enough to have people in our lives to prove us wrong and yet feel delighted? Aah, that is a rarity. I had always thought I was the greatest hypocrite known to me. Well, I was wrong and delighted.

We always search for answers in life, but my personal observations says that we always have the answers in form of events. What we need to search is the question as to why it so happened. The irony of it is that most often our answers are one-sided; our vision cock-eyed. The other half eludes us for reasons known, yet unknown. Mostly the questions are found to hidden in more than one answer. I think I've put my pieces of puzzle together for that comprehensive question.

Now, towards Introspection!


Anonymous said...

This post seems incomplete. Where is the introspection?

Center Shocker said...

It is supposed to be introspection.. so incomplete..

SUB said...

i thought i am the most confused person...now i am delighted :p

can you be more explicit here in para two?

Center Shocker said...

@SUB I write such things when am confused myself. It still does makes sense to me after am clearer now.

The "answer" lies in backtracking and viewing the events and more importantly the emotions behind them. Read it now and tell me if u understand!