Monday, December 26, 2011

Shutterbug Soul on a chilly night

Last night I picked my gear, put on some warm clothes and rode out in the night to get some photos. I parked the bike over the busy Cadbury flyover and started clicking photos much to the amusement of the other vehicles passing there. One guy slowed his vehicle down and was trying to make sense of me, a guy in the middle of the busy Eastern Express Highway at midnight, wearing a monkey-cap, headphones plugged in, heavily bearded, a big black bag on the shoulder, floaters over crisp white socks and a camera in one hand striking various poses over the flyover. I for sure must have looked like a terrorist doing a recce of the place under lights only to bomb it later. Hah!

The trail of the vehicles rushing by.

Looking towards Upvan - 1

Looking towards Upvan - 2

Took this shot couching over the divider.

The Korum car park in all its glory.

The service road, the trees and streetlights in the midst. 

I disturbed this couple who were busy discussing something serious at this unearthly hour. I felt I was imposing, but my photography was more important.

A burst + panning shot of a tanker. Epic failure due to the bike in front!

The highlight of the night!

Although the photos are not "Skadoosh" types. It was a nice experience and the small much needed push I'd always wanted to get back to night photography. And ate a Maggie at night that was filled with red ants, I think that will help improve my night vision! *muhahahaha* Night photography FTW \m/


hari said...

A small correction...'Yesterday night...'?? I think the right usage is 'Last night...'. Pics are good...liked them!

Center Shocker said...

Hey hari thanks 4 leaving a comment. Yup ur right. I did use Indian English der. My bad. Corrected. thanks once again. :)