Monday, January 03, 2011


A usual attribute to my sundays; sitting in the so-called internet "Hub" in my hostel the whole day; yesterday was no different. The bell rang for lunch at 12.30 P.M
[trivia] We have a stupid rule in our hostel that one must not access either the T.V or "Hub" during food time [/trivia]

Out came our hostel warden shouting in his seldom-used-unusually-high-pitch...

Tambi enna innum off panalaya?
[haven't you turned it (computer) off yet?]

Illa sir! (pat came my reply with a devilish smile)
[no sir]
Sir 2 O'clock light pogum! (I cried)
[Sir light will go @ 2] (I know, I know. Light instead of current sounds illiterate-ish]

Adu pogatam, ippo neenga ponga! (he replied angrily)
[Let it go, u go now]

I shut the computer down and sat in the same place to give him the impression that I haven't shut it down. When he came to know that I was joking he was pretty pissed and I had to face his music, which I did with my usual innocent smile.

I went on to take bath and had food. I came down after have food and my friends started teasing me as usual and asking me if the sun had risen form the west as I had taken bath.
[trivia] I usually take bath daily at night and not in the day, with occasional breaks from daily baths. The average usually comes to about 0.98537 baths/day. Dont know how I got that stat :P [\trivia]

There came sir form lunch still in a pretty bad mood and one of my friend caught him and asked:

saar mumbai-a enna solli thittunega? avan depress agi suicide attempt pannan!
[what did scold and tell mumbai?(well, that is my name in hostel), he attempted suicide!]

enna? (asked sir with confusion)

amam saar avan kulichutan, tanni avan mela padarthu avanku suicide madiri!
[yes sir he took bath, water falling on him is like suicide for him!]

And sir burst out into a huge laugh. All this while I was sitting inside abd listening to the conversation outside my room. Am sure his mood must have been good for the rest of the day! :)


Saumya said...

nice 1 buddy!!!!!

PriPat said...

devilish u!!
funny write up!

Anonymous said...

Its waz fun reading ur blog bro ..Will follow it nw on cheer's !! N trouble ur Sir More k..Lol

giridhar said...

If taking bath in Trichy is that difficult for u, how did u manage to take bath at kodaikanal during RYLA?