Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love & Beyond

The symptoms exhibited by the teenagers in their so called "love" and its transition form Sin(90) to Cos(90)! xD

Part - I :

This symptom is usually exhibited in class while sitting in a boring lecture or visiting a place boring like a distant cousins wedding where the specimen doesn't know any one. They walk around the town as a zombie without paying much heed to anything around them.

The person becomes an avid listener of melodies and instrumental music. The person's play-list may be full of melodies; many-times a decade or two old and sometimes sans all other raunchy tracks/ item numbers. The tune/beat of such songs are reproduced during lectures with seldom rapid swings of the hands and jerks of the heads in tune with the beat!

Fashion Guruness:
The specimens pay closer attention to their apparel and get their wardrobe redone in compliance with that of their mate. They also identify themselves as a fashion guru and go on to the extent of being a self proclaimed critic of the people and their fads. Sometimes the illness becomes so severe that the specimen goes on to try something new and in the process becomes the laughing stock of the town.

Excessive smiling:
The victim will suddenly start smiling without any apparent reason in the middle of a lecture/conversion and when you ask the reason:
      a)35% of the times:-
          Answer:- Nothing. And a looking away/down smile
      b)65% of the times:-
          Answer:- Dont-you-know-what-am-thinking-about sly smile

The specimen will have the strong desire to keep communicating their every move to the other end and will have the craving for such communication as replies to their message. It is also accompanied by a smile on the face when looking into the mobile and a "POKER-FACE" as soon as the gaze is out of the mobile.

Renaissance (a guy thing):
"Mein sudhar gaya hoon/ Nan thiruditen da/ Am a better person now" will be the reply to actions such as asking the specimen to join up for a round of drinks or a smoke. It could also be followed by the specimen starting a lecture on philosophy and eventually getting bashed up by his mates!!

Part - II :
The state of a teenager just after breakup!

The victims generally go into the shell and then wear the ever present glum on their face and any attempt to converse with them being futile and ending with in mono-syllabic replies. Guys generally become tobacco and alcohol loving.

Mode - revival:
The specimens more or less go into the mode revival where they are gripped by pangs of insecurity about future and start concentrating on their studies and professional redevelopment. They may also want to divert their attention and get back in touch with long lost friends.

About 80% of the observed victims showed signs of bitching about the other half of their "past"-relation and blaming him/her for the end of the relation and self denial mode shows prominence. The specimens bears striking resemblance to the fox that said the grapes it could not reach are sour!

72% of the jilted lovers start spewing out the philosophy of Socrates or Chanakya-niti at regular intervals. It is usually followed by a long lecture and boasting that they have grown apparently mature by their past relationship. This condition can be cured by slaps form friends or by hooking them up with a new person.

My sincere thanks to all of my friends for being the specimens mentioned here, in varying degrees :P


Athesh.K said...

I dont know anything about this ya.. because I am far away from these matters.. thank God.. Anyway you are having lot of experience in this field i think..
Onnum mattum nalla puriyuthappa.. Mothathula classla irrukka koodiyathu odampu matumthan.. Manasu ellam vera engayo.. Nanga than pavam..

Achuthan Raman Chari said...

Warden saaaar! I bet u must have also gone through the same phasela!!

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prathna said...

thanx actually ... for such a detailed description, the actual facts!! its made me more clear as to y EXACTLY i can consider myself lucky !! ;)


hmmm...detailed xplanation 4 a girl lk me...tnks guru!!!
tis is nt possible unless u feel urself well...gud 1:-}

Achuthan Raman Chari said...

No need 2feel it to know it, good observational skills needed. we hav lotsa specimens around us! ^_^

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