Friday, February 04, 2011


 They say am jinxed,
They see me and always draw flak,
Never I see them; by me clothed,
Is it because am the colour black?

Black is the colour that has always been perceived as inferior and degrading. Very few prefer writing in black ink. People don't wear on auspicious occasions. Black is considered evil and bad while people want to go to white and right!

Black has always been my favourite colour and I did some searching to why people refrain from using it. And came across some of the following findings.

Whenever we say that something bad has happened the colour that comes to our mind is black, e.g. "Black Magic". It is because in our ancient Indian history Anjana/Kajal/Collyrium was used in black magic practiced using Atharvaveda. And since collyrium is black in colour, Black is detested!

Another being that according to Indian astrology the colour black is the colour of Saturn or Shani. And Saturn is presumed to have control over all the negative things that can happen to a person or thing according to Indian tradition and hence the colour avoided. But black is a recommended colour for saturday as Saturn is the deity corresponding it and black pleases it. And since most of the auspicious days do not fall on saturday it eventually became a trend of not wearing black on saturdays.

Black is supposed to pertain to infamy and make the wearer infamous. It is also said that since the burning of a thing leaves behind black residue or the thing is charred, in the same way black is a harbinger of calamity. Also the colour of the deity of the graveyard is always potrayed in black. The colour of buffalo, the vahana of Yama is black! So the general phobia towards Black!

I always believe in science and it has to say that just as white light is a mixture of all the basic colours in the same way darkness is the absence of them. While an object that is white reflects all the colours, an object is black 'cauz it absorbs all the light falling on it; thats it nothing more! And no matter how many people and things go against it, Black has and will always be my favourite colour!

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Saswath Kaundinya.S.L. said...

Ofcoz its ma fav colour too. Esp. in pulsar and t-shirts.........