Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Polarity reversed

Part - I

Last saturday it was raining cats and dogs early in the morning, and when I woke up I learnt that it was raining heavily all night. That meant only one thing:- "Water-logging". I was happy. That would mean we could take to the streets to play football in the rain. The phone calls started doing rounds and in no time we were out playing in the usually-busy-now-empty street. Suddenly there comes a voice, cold, rude, irritating asking us to stop playing. I was the goalie and happened to notice and respond first. I saw the person behind the voice and It was an old man; must have been 65-odd, retired senior citizen. I asked him what was the matter and he said that we would break the windows and dent the cars parked there. I told him we were not playing rashly and would pay for any damages. We also explained to him that this ain't the first time we playing here and if history has any say we were clean with our record. He was obstinate and was shouting on top of his voice. I went to him and asked him to speak properly; which he refused. I pointed out to him to it was his age and our respect for it that has kept us from back-answering and he should be polite as were also adults; hinting at the cliche "give respect take respect". He dint. And when I pointed out that the cars are to be parked in the parking lot and there was no rule as to park the car on he streets, he threatned to call the police. I gave out a chuckle. I asked him under which section of law will they take action against us; he knew he had lost the argument and he went off, rambling narcissisticaly as he walked back!

I turned to my friends and told them that I was sure at home he must be telling and yelling his grandchildren to get off the computer and go out to play, and he should be thankful that we are the few living examples left to show those children what outdoor activities really are!

Part - II

Yesterday evening when we were hanging-out asusual, my friend S happened to tell me an anecdote that had happened earlier in the evening. S was taking her usual evening stroll when another of our friend and her mother happened to meet her. S knowing them walked up to talk to them. After the exchange of pleasantries, that friend of ours told S that her mom also plays Cityville on Facebook and S could send her an neighbour request in the game. Her mom was very excited and S dumbstruck when she revealed that she was level 70-odd and S only some 60-odd! Her mom was very enthusiastic about the game and S told me. I could imagine the glitter she would have had in her eyes when she would have told this to S. Aunties today are cashing-in on the wow factor using social networking sites and Internet. Kudos!

I was like OMFG when S actually narrated the incident to us. I was amused and pleased for the fact that our friend's mom was so Internet savvy.


My concern is that the present generations of kids are not much into outdoor activities but more into cyber-gaming and social-networking. I still remember when we were kids we used to leave the house at 5 in the evening only to return by 8. Full three hours of outdoor play. Now I find the streets empty and kids walking hand-in-hand in pairs! They are maturing way to fast and it ain't a good sign. I still remember, I got my email ID only after my 10th grade boards. Today 10year olds have a Facebook account. Well being tech/net savvy is a welcome move but what worries me is their obsession. The above two anecdotes  are stated just to bring to the notice our current trend.

The adults sticking to age-old traditions and senseless practises (barring a very few like my friend's mom) and the children being utmost (read insane) technology aficionados. Its high time we took measures to reverse the polarity!


Red Handed said...

oh i relate to this one...my 14 yr old brother has 465 friends and he is liking pages like " TRUE LOVE" ..even my 7 yr old niece just joined it.

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Really well put across. Esp the Inference, it's either one extreme or the other.

What is it with kids and their "love" these days? Elders with their 'Hamare Zamaney Mein' Stories are just plain irritating.

Center Shocker said...

@red so true, one of my cousins has a BF, shes barely into 10th. I was a damn naive boy when I was of that age. Had just come to know of the birds & bees then.. Duh!

@atro U bet, that cliche sucks..

Cindrella said...

My 11 year old cousin happens to have a Facebook account and every time I log in I find her online! Sigh! Zamana badal gaya!!!

BTW you have a nice blog :) and you have a new follower!!

Nia Charms said...

OMG I agree with every word you said here. I remember my 11 year old cousin watching roadies and when objected taunted which century do you live in !!

R-A-J said...

U're so right.. kids today grow older much faster.. whether technology, opinions, decision making, drive.. they're really on top of their game :)