Thursday, July 28, 2011


Shaking in the moonlight,
everyone endures walking alone.
Lost in the cacophonous labyrinth,
I found myself from the past,
I wonder if we could ever go back,
to the past when we were really clueless,
I know, of course we can't,
because the sky will fall down.
I definately will find it,
believing in something,
marching straigth ahead.
Everything looks beautiful,
the smiles from now itself....
am sure I and you saw it;
that nostalgic smile,
tonight am watching standing away far,
the last scene I can't remember,
it is different from what I wish to see,
it is a more happy ending,
dreaming of that last time,
we were truly together,
I close my eyes,
you're right beside me,
lets keep that happiness to ourselves!


Mrsupole said...


Thank you for the visit to my site. I hope you enjoyed it.

These are great words; "I wonder if we could ever go back, to the past when we were really clueless,". I think sometimes we all wish we could and that we could change things, especially with the knowledge we have learned. Sadly, or maybe it is for the best, we cannot.

I heard someone once say, we are a product of our past, good times, bad times, all times affect our future and what we one day will become.

I have wondered about how my life might be different if I had made different choices in my life. But then I would never have known my children or grandchildren and look what I would have missed.

All we can do is move forward towards the future and do the best we can.

God bless.

Center Shocker said...

@Mrsupole "...maybe it is for the best, we cannot...."
So true!

marbles in my pocket said...

I have found in my own life, it is never the same when we go back. To a place, or to a love, it will never be as we left it or remember it. Things change. We move on, holding our memories as if they keep us alive.
Great poem. Well done!

Jingle said...

love the sentiments,

keep the course sailing.

Happy Rally.

M. A. S. said...

I really like this. Some lines are particularly striking, like
"I know, of course we can't,
because the sky would fall down." and
the very last line. The last line also provides a really satisfying conclusion. Almost a happy ending.


The Fool said...

Nice one. And your blog'sbackdrop is too good.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous writing and love your word choices, I agree the last line filled me with warmth and hope. Fantastic

Anonymous said...

sweet re .. waiting for more to come :P

Anonymous said...

fascinating free verse. :)

the critics said...