Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remember me?

Lo and         behold,
am out there alone battling the cold,
fighting it am lying on the ground curled,
the memories in my head; they just swirl,
talks and promises out of the window you hurled,
killing me every moment; a new pain unfurled,
its all still here; but you are seen nowhere near,
the message, the letter, your scent on my sweater,
crying myself to sleep; an attempt to feel better,
my heart betrays me; to you it is so loyal,
still holds you as a princess whose is royal,
desperate to loosen on me your hold,
just wishing I could be like you so bold,
I was your silver, I was gold,
Remember me??
I was once your

F.Y.I - The poem is written roughly in the shape of a heart. ( In-case you just failed to notice.)


Sanjana said...

Simply superb :)
I mean how could anyone write a heart shaped poem ?? daz extraordinary... and the poem is amazing.. :)

Achuthan Raman Chari said...

@sanjana ty..
random thought and a challenge. Accomplished in da end ;)

Dishilicious said...

wow! i love this. i really do feel this. and nice work with the heart. :)

Anonymous said...

you did such a wonderful job on this poem, that no words can describe. awesome

the feeling lioness said...

well this is kinda fine and alright

Anonymous said...

Extremely cool write and presentation

Kay said...

No, I didn't fail to notice. I love your use of green @ the last word. A brilliant write! Thank you!

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Gripping imagery in this. The last line is a slam dunk game winner!

Jingle said...

a heart shape, with creative passion and thoughts.

well done,

Happy Potluck!