Saturday, July 02, 2011

Networking - The Google way.

I've been watching the internet space for the past 3-4 days and in all of them the talk about Google plus hogs the limelight. Even Facebook status of many of my friends says they want an invite if anyone has a spare. My relationship with Google has always been special. I was invited to join Google by my friend Siddharth Joshi way back in 2005 when it was pretty new in India. At that time Google mail was invite only and Internet in India at that time was synonymous with Yahoo. I was given an invite into Orkut by another friend of mine while it was still new and in beta testing stages; and now Sreenivasulu Reddy Varikuti sent me an invite just under 20 minutes after me asking for an invite through the status in Facebook. While many of my friends still are trying for the past 2-3days for an invite. Lucky me!

First and foremost. I've always been a huge fan of Google. Can we imagine a day without it? 

I tried out their G+ and I must say am impressed, as always. The interface is very light and very friendly. Even the newest of the users on the Internet can get around easily there. The circles option is the best part. The interface looks like the old style telephone wherein you have to rotate the dial to input a number. To remove a person you just drag a person out of the dial and it just shoots up in smokes, poof!! IMAO. To top it all, the friend suggesting algorithm is really great. More often than not it shows the right people in the right circle, wonderful. With huddle you can group chat with people via the android and even through SMS. Hangout lets u group chat in video with people, no need of Skype now. The plugin is very small and loads instantly. Sparks is very good for searching the latest news and killing time. All these not in Facebook are in G+

While G+ may be new and not as eye catchy as Facebook, what really sets it apart is the user friendliness, its move to make networking more real and bringing the whole of the internet on your dashboard. The best part is that Google makes everything accessible using one single username over the vast products they offer from searches to maps to images to blogs!! It makes the life of a user easy by not having to through ten different accounts for twenty things, makes more sense, doesn't it? I reckon G+ is not only a better networking site but also the future of networking. I wouldn't be surprised if Google would be accused of killing Facebook in the same way Facebook was accused of killing Orkut! It is vendetta and it is pay-back time..

G+ is here to stay. Way to go G+ make networking real from virtual!!

Note: They will be rolling out the official G+ to the public soon. They are just testing and also its a marketing strategy using the Demand-supply concept. It will eventually fetch them more users... ooh how much I love and admire those Google guys!


Srividhya said...

super cool:):) waiting for the official launch of G+!!

Anand_roshan said...

ya very nice :)All need change alwayz ! so let's enjoy the one more and Future Technology :)