Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest post # 1

This is the 1st time am having someone write a guest post for my blog. Well it happens to be none other than my dear friend Manali Shah. I was bugging her to write me a guest post for a couple of days now and today afternoon she happened to mail me this small write-up she had written earlier this morning. When I insisted her to post it on her blog she reacted by asking me use this as my guest post! Well I did....

The post:-

A page from the diary of a Person Who Fears Being Masochistic

I want to feel pain, I want to feel loss. So far, my life has been one happy ride. Am I complaining? Yes. I want to feel the suffering that Adele sings about. I can sense her agony, her hurt, but not relate to it. I want to feel soul crushed. And then come out smiling, ready to love again. Confident, and with faith. Can you expect a person to feel true bliss without having experienced heartache and longing first?

So then I worry about whether or not I have a wide range of emotions inside of me. Am I a cold person? Was I always one, or did I become one when I decided to toughen up, tired of being vulnerable and having my break broken, multiple times. I do not remember. I do remember being deeply saddened by the plight of unimaginable poor people that actually constitutes the country I am supposed to resonate with pride about, India. I do remember wanting to cry because hardly anyone I could see was leading happy, honest lives. Sure, you could say now to me, “Begin to change the world, one person at a time.” I am sorry, that is too slow for me. Too painful. Yes, I have given up, without even trying. Given up on humanity and humans. Am I, then, indifferent? Unfortunately, I have not been able to not care.

What kind of a person does that make me? Too scared to jump right into deep love, too weary of people, too angry at the world, too unable to stop giving a damn, too impossible to stay apathetic.

I suppose what I am saying is, I’m on the fence. And it never is comfortable there, is it?


1) The starting lines of the post impressed me the most. I loved the strong beginning.
2) The statement "Can you feel..... first?", is thought provoking and so damn true. Made me realise only if you have the dearth of a thing do you actually understand its value.
3) The ending abrupt yet tantalising.

P.S. To check Manali Shah's blog click here.


Anish Vyavahare said...

Yups, excellent beginning. Starts out dark. Like, d.a.r.k. Ends very differently :)

Kavi... said...

This has to be the best & most intense post you've ever written Manali! Loved it!

Manali said...

Hey Anish, thanks a lot! Glad you stopped by! :D :D

Red Handed said...

That is soo thought provoking. Something that wud be etched in my mind for some time.
I did not hav to think twice before clicking the link to check her blog out

Manali said...

Hey Kavi, thanks, babe :)

@Red Handed: Wow, that's saying something! And thank you for checking my blog out :)