Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching a break

Earlier, last week I got my results and cleared my graduation with 70.59%. That was just a single node in the roller-coaster ride of emotions. Then I got a marketing job under my aunt in Thane itself. I was happy but not satiated because somewhere deep in my heart I knew I wanted to do HR. Then bang; on saturday I got a call form the concern I had gone to as my first interview exactly a month ago asking me to join on Monday. I had actually written it off. After I said ok to them I dawned upon me the fact of life. We always get the best of things when we're not expecting them. Also, applying reverse logic it apparently seems getting things that you expect makes them less special per se!

Coming from a Computer science people have always wondered as to why I wanted to pursue a  field that has more to do with the social sciences and completely off-beat from what a normal Comp-Sci grad does. But isn't it home where the heart is? Seems I've finally caught a break from my otherwise irresponsible life as my dear critic mama(uncle) would quote! The fact being; I've always been more irresponsible than he ever perceived and wiser than he has ever deemed me to be.

Today was supposed to be my first day at work and I still remember how I was damn restless; clearly highlighted by the fact that I woke up 7 times during the night yesterday to check the time as I dint want to be late. 0015, 0055, 0135, 0158, 0245, 0320 and 0515 hrs I vividly recall. Duh!
I managed to reach on time.

Reception: Yes, how may I help you?
Me: Hi, This is Achuthan, Am to join today.
Reception: Oh Hi Achuthan, please have a seat.
Me: Ok, Thanks.

After 5 mins.

Reception: Achuthan, were you instructed on what task you're required to perform?
Me: I've absolutely no clue, I was just asked to join. You're the one who communicated with me, right?
Reception: Yeah, Am sorry Achuthan, Abhijeet has gone to meet a client in place of Yogesh Sir who is unwell today. He is supposed to be in charge of assigning you tasks. Please come tomorrow, same time! Extremely sorry.

Inconvenience regretted?? Ouch! I've damn traveled for 2 hours to reach this place I thought. But there was nothing anyone could. People don't fall sick purposely I said to myself. Atleast I got the practice of coming on time. I comforted myself. The very first day in my professional career starts with a holiday, am surely one in a million I thought. It is not a one you took, rather it is a holiday thrust upon you, you moron; the logical self of mine smirked! Fair enough.

Whatever, it is a new beginning from tomorrow. A new role in life, period! I just found this song to be amazingly apt!


Red Handed said...

How Angry u wud hav got eh..
I wud hav pulled out the reciptionists hair, if she said tht to me :p
70. Somehting percent?? When will i ever hit tht mark. ;(

Achuthan Raman Chari said...

@red LoL. even if I get wat choice do i have?? Not her fault; not anyone's fault actually! So din get angry! U'll soon reach der.. keep trying ;) My wishes!

Anand_roshan said...

Nice . . . And your pictures for the topic is just cute :)Have a worky w33k3nd :p


well kudos to reframing...mature!!!!
and congrats on the job.....i can clearly picture u in formal...mad for it...
and roles of life i actually thought of it a fe days ago..but the content ws a lil diffrn but the tile same...hae a gr8 time nd a great.....

Achuthan Raman Chari said...

@she is...
well, gr8 minds think alike ;)
ppl say i look better in formals, bt i personally prefer a pair of jeans and hoodies (you dont have to wash them after each use) xD

SAUMYA said...

@Achu: u definitely look neat in a pair of formals dear...:) trust me

Viya ;) said...

awww... I hope your 2nd day did go well.. :)