Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday I officially became a graduate. The days running up to it as I recall, were hell. Searching for a job unsure of the results. Failure and the emotional turmoil with heavy mood swings. It was a bad phase; now distant in my memory. I got a call that the results are out online. My heart started pounding. I could feel the vibrations echoing in my whole body, legs went weak! That feeling has come only twice ever in life; ironically both on the 13th of a month this year!

Then the bliss; I was a graduate. ALL CLEAR.

All the years of hurt, pain and agony; both mental and physical seemed justified. In a jiffy all the memories flashed in front of me. Right from 9th July 2008 through 20th May 2011. This has not ended but just begun. Graduation life has died, the after-life awaits me with arms outstretched. Way to go....

After 3yrs am officially relieved from hostel life. Am back home. This song seems perfect!

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