Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quik read # 05

A very rich young man went to see a sage in order to ask his advice about what he should do with his life. The sage led him over to the window:

Sage: What can you see through the glass?

Man: I can see men coming and going and a blind man begging for alms in the street.

Then the sage showed him a large mirror and

Sage: Look in this mirror and tell me what you see.

Man: I can see myself.

Sage: And you can’t see the others. Notice that the window and the mirror are both made of the same basic material, glass.

You should compare yourself to these two kinds of glass. 
Poor – you saw other people and felt compassion for them.
Rich – covered in silver – you see yourself.

You will only be worth anything when you have the courage to tear away the coating of silver covering your eyes in order to be able to see again and love your fellow man.


Pain and suffering are always required for the eventual bliss. Hence, when in pain or you feel your are suffering next time tell yourself....Pain is bliss... because only the select carbon atoms that have been under heavy pressure and heat for millions of years and later subject to cruel polishing regime become the most glittering of diamonds!

P.S. Still wondering why people cut and burn themselves without apparent justifiable reason?


Anand_roshan said...

wow super :) really nice :)

Sanjana said...

Nice read.. Pain is order to know the worth of need to feel the thirst first.. !!

Purba said...

I wouldn't agree that pain is bliss. But it certainly makes you more appreciative of things you take for granted.

Center Shocker said...

@purba looking at it in that way makes you look at the greater good and ease the suffering, atleast psychologically.